Chimica Edile is a limited liability company, established in 1981, as a result of the division of the group leader Edilmart, in existence since 1968, and by the will of the founders to diversify the businesses and to dedicate themselves to the research of materials that would protect the environment. In the early 1980's, Chimica Edile concentrated production on plaster, mortar and lime paint. And then, a sudden intuition: to focus all efforts in one particular direction, that of the employment of expanding agents to be used in quarries for the cutting of stone blocks. This intuition represented the turning point, which in a short amount of time sparked company growth to rise to its current position as world leader in the production of expanding mortar for use in quarries.

Bio Costruction

Moreover, during recent years, Chimica Edile has revolutionized the world of bio-construction with avant-garde products used for room improvements, dehumidification and the recuperation of degraded concrete. Finally, Chimica Edile has developed a line of lime-based additives, indispensable for countering the withdrawal of cement mortars both in the modelling and hardening phases.

Chimica Edile Today

CHIMICA EDILE is a group with five enterprises and numerous distributors, present in almost all world markets in the form of both direct dealers and other companies thereto connected. Such consistent presence in the territory ensures an effective technical support system and an "on the spot" response to the needs of our clients. Continuous research for new solutions in combination with dynamic interaction between human resources and respect for the environment represents the strengths of a company in constant growth. The technical laboratory assures quality controls of every commercialized product, thereby guaranteeing highly reliable and durable products.


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